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Put Yourself Up On A Pedestal

Blank pedestals for people to pose on in public places
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Most people like to get their photographs taken posing in front of some famous building or scenic view. They usually stand awkwardly as their friends back up, trying to frame them, before taking the perfect shot.

Put Yourself Up On A Pedestal are blank podiums that have been set up to make these photographs truly memorable. They are overtly elaborate, kitschy pedestals, except they are devoid of the statue that would complete their installation. They are supplemented by text free plaques, decorated round their perimeters by heraldic scrolls and angelic type figures blowing trumpets.

The process of taking a memorable photograph is now simple. One person climbs the steps to the top of the podium, assumes an appropriately heroic, regal, bemused, or action pose. This is dependant on the background location and what pre-existing fixed props are in place, i.e. flag-poles, dragon figures, rampant lions etc.

Their friend then takes the photograph, and, after it is scanned in, they can place some meaningful description in the empty plaque space.

Prizes are awarded for the most inventive poses on a weekly basis, as the images are posted up on a special "I Had Myself Up On A Pedestal" web site.

xenzag, Jan 12 2007

Programmable Plaques Programmable_20Plaq...ng_20On_20Pedestals
A spin off - hope you don't mind. [BunsenHoneydew, Jan 12 2007]

not nearly as good as yours... http://secure.mycar....asp?prodid=3392663
[xandram, Jan 13 2007]

Antony Gormley's version..... http://news.bbc.co..../london/7468750.stm
.... of my idea! [xenzag, Jun 29 2008]

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BunsenHoneydew, Jan 12 2007

{ }
{ }
{ }
phundug, Jan 12 2007

       my ex used to say that he put me on a pedal-bin :(   

       bastard, may he rot...
po, Jan 12 2007

       ditto po's response.
blissmiss, Jan 12 2007

       I thought this was a pedestal or stand where people can place their cameras on so that the whole party can be in the picture. This would be nice no?
twitch, Jan 13 2007

       [+] I don't know why you'd want to encourage pedestals with ideas like this. Pedestals are a menace to society.
imaginality, Jan 13 2007

       Having yourself photographed on a pedestal 'just because' sounds too much like reality TV for my liking; it encourages people with nothing to distinguish them but vanity to distract from and to obscure other people who might actually have made some contribution to the world. [-]
pertinax, Jun 29 2008


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