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Puttin' On the Ritz

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A theme restaurant to replicate the top hat and coat-tail hob-knobbing times of the early 1900's America. Every one gets to chose from a variety of props at the door, from monocles, canes with giant diamonds on top, feather boas, and fur coats, to black top hats and derbies, long pearl necklaces, spats, and big, twirly, fake moustaches.


notmarkflynn, May 12 2006

A period menu http://cgi.ebay.com...TL090106112004r4197
The food looks fine to me [Spacecoyote, Jan 08 2009]


       I like it, but I'd rather wear my own 'dress up' clothes, than something worn by many others. Truly, I have a vintage clothing collection, and a penchant for dressing up in anything that's not considered 'normal' or fashionable by today's standards.( though I do wear current fashions- I prefer to be anti-fashion)
xandram, May 12 2006

       <nemesis>Balderdash! This is a most terrible idea! How could one vote for this in sound mind. May notmarkflynn spend a thousand years in cow dung!</nemesis>
dbmag9, May 12 2006

       Sorry, notmark, I'm an arthritic thumb-down on this one. Have you ever seen the menus from the turn of the 19th century? "Nature" menus with all the food dyed green...all-white meals (that would be the food, that it was the guests goes without saying)...boiled everything. Not to mention those "big, twirly, fake moustaches" that serve as cow-catchers for the orts.Whale-boned corsets omitted, I suppose, as a nod to Greenpeace?
Viejawendy, May 12 2006

       All whales used have died peacefully or in the service of their country.
notmarkflynn, May 12 2006

       Do we get the crackers too?
DesertFox, May 12 2006

       Where on earth did my spats run off to?
Letsbuildafort, May 12 2006

       Are the moustaches edible?
pertinax, May 15 2006

       This would be a great night. The difficulty with theme ideas is that they run the risk of being unoriginal. I know of a nightclub that runs a monthly event that asks all of it's clientele to dress in period costume - 20s (or Rat-pack-esque 50s/60s). Not a restaurant, and no props at the door - you've got to bring them yourselves. A friend of mine bought a proper felt trilby and spatz just for the event (most people use crappy party-shop fakes).   

       The menu would have to refect tastes of the time, to get even close to my vote (although I love the concept).
Jinbish, May 15 2006

       I was expecting a high-rise hotel with a crazy golf course on the roof. <twiddles moustache>
zen_tom, May 15 2006

       That is even more awesome. Feel free to make it yourself.
notmarkflynn, May 15 2006

       The problem is, it's pun first, idea second. I'm tempted, but after the poor reception of (the now sadly deleted) "Cat-a-Meringue" it's a temptation I now try to curb wherever possible. <adjusts monocle>
zen_tom, May 15 2006

       It couldn't have been as bad as my Cat-a-Pull T. It was a toboggan pulled by cats. Thus the T.
notmarkflynn, May 15 2006

       It was a twin-hulled boat made from a toasted foam of sugar and eggs. In the centre of the boat, an elastic band was stretched across two pulleys. On the outside edge of the band were harnesses into which cats could be secured, legs-outward. The cats were outfitted with flippers and snorkelling equipment and, as the elastic band was turned, half of the moggies would be immersed in the water. The cats, being naturally averse to water would try to avoid getting wet and/or escape, and their feline strugglings converted via the flippers into forward motion.   

       As the cats naturally grew tired, they could be winched out of the sea by turning one of the pulleys and shifting the band around, replacing the now fatigued, panting animals with "fresh" ones.   

       Alas, this pinnacle of punnery didn't even last 24 hours before I did the right thing and [delete]'d it. I think it was the outrage stemming from a combination of the misuse of cats and blatant punning that sealed its fate.
zen_tom, May 15 2006

       I kinda like it. You could always find cats that like to swim.
notmarkflynn, May 15 2006

       I think this idea would go better with a 1920's themed restaurant.
Vegan_Princess, Sep 09 2006

       The restaurant should charge period prices too (an example from the menu linked is 30c for corned beef and cabbage), and make up for it somehow (perhaps a membership fee or hefty "tip"), unless the customer paid with period money.
Spacecoyote, Jan 08 2009

       I'm not getting my knob near a hob however cheap the food is.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 08 2009


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