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Office Space Cafe

And don't forget, Friday is Hawaiian shirt day...
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Office themed bars have been baked but an Office Space cubicle format restaurant for when you want to just go ahead and, uh, eat by yourself... yeah... Full internet access and phone line. You can also bring a date to feel like you are having an illicit inter-office affair. Or maybe you really are having an inter-office romance and want a change of venue. Wait staff act as hot or annoying co-workers. Placemats look like TPI coversheets. Mailroom guy brings by odd memos and sometimes coupons for drinks and free dinners. You can talk to other diners by inter-office phone if you wish. Guy walks around like middle management that you are allowed to diss. Have a bigger party? Book one of the conference rooms. Like your office, with better looking people and better food, plus you can drink- you gotta love that!
wombat, Aug 10 2003

'Good God It's Monday's http://www.halfbake...It_27s_20Monday_27s
Closely related idea by [RayfordSteele] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       I believe DrCurry described an idea like this prior to 9/11, if not shortly thereafter. <*Not* third-person, past... lyrics>It would have been posted under a different username, which he cancelled.</*Not* third-person, past... lyrics>
thumbwax, Aug 10 2003

       Actually, it was "StarOffice" - a Starbucks format with reservable tables for out of the office meetings. Inspired by the number of client meetings I was having at Starbucks, and the occasional difficulty of finding tables.   

       This is more the reverse - a restaurant done up as an office, but not actually providing office services.
DrCurry, Aug 10 2003

       One wonders if it will have authentic office touches like the coffee pot always being emptied by the last person before you, the sickly smell of stale popcorn hanging over everything, and the occasional rat or mouse scurrying across the stained industrial carpeting.
DrCurry, Aug 10 2003

       ... or the occasional dead guy in the bushes. For example, on this hot day worldwide, the junior member of the 'wax household and his friend found a dead homeless man today, just 1.5 miles from our residence. Thankfully, rather than bring said dead person (who may have passed on due to heatstroke) home, they called 911. Oh, bun.
thumbwax, Aug 10 2003

       A sad story.
wombat, Aug 10 2003

       Don't forget that the menu and receipts all should be printed on the fly on a malfunctioning printer. "PC Load Letter - wtf!"
Brummo, Aug 11 2003

       //"PC Load Letter"//
Reminds me of a prank a programmer pulled at a previous job. He wrote a program to manipulate those messages on networked printers remotely. Then started sending even goofier messages like:


       However his favorite version (at least during the boom) displayed the company's stock price on all the printers.
krelnik, Aug 11 2003

       Too funny krelnik!! Thanks for the laugh. -- (Wonder if our printer finds the paper too spicy, being as it seems to get regular indigestion...)
BayRatt, Aug 12 2003

       this is already baked and done in japan. er to some extent. you can hire office space - from cubicles to entire floors by the hour, all fitted out with all office necessities and full catered too. not quite a resturant however.....
venomx, Aug 12 2003

       Has anyone come across my stapler?
RayfordSteele, Aug 13 2003

       They should have the man in the wheelchair selling the "jump to conclusions" game at a booth near the door as well as the nieghbor yelling through the wall recommending what you should order.
I'm, ahhh going to have to, ahhhm ask you to order the desert. And ahhhm, I'm going to need you to order a coffee as well.
Zimmy, Aug 13 2003

       If you've enjoyed the food - show the waitors your "Oh-face"
Brummo, Aug 14 2003

       Will there be Michael Bolton music?
bovinemilk, Feb 24 2004

       And you'd need to bring an up-to-date resume in order to interview to get a table.
GenYus, Feb 24 2004


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