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Pyramid Collapsing Virus

Kills off those damn pyramid emails at the source!
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Nothing is more annoying than those Pyramid Emails that want you to send copies of the email to 20 friends or your dog will choke on a fishbone within the next week.

The pyramid collapsing virus backtracks an email through the network until it locates the original source of the offending email. Once it discovers the source it will take over that users mail box and force them to type " I will not start stupid pyramid emails ever again" 100 times before terminating and releasing the system.

jhomrighaus, May 11 2007

Answer The Call Of The Pharaoh http://www.facebook....php?id=27616158355
Since we're speaking of virally spreading pyramids, for a bit of shameless self promotion [theircompetitor, Jul 26 2008]


       Does it also force them to print it out and eat it?
nineteenthly, Jul 26 2008


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