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Source Code Vandalizing Virus.

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It is a very simple virus. It spreads around dilly dallying.

However one day it stumbles across a sourcecode for something important. It often ignores it, but then one day, this bored virus decided to do one little modification to it.

It adds a single line to the code.

#define TRUE (rand() % 100)

mofosyne, Jun 02 2012

source of this idea http://www.reddit.c...ost_control/c4v27rb
[mofosyne, Jun 02 2012]

On defining division by Zero http://www.nemitz.net/vernon/defdiv0.htm
A little fable I wrote a while back. Can you identify the error? [Vernon, Jun 02 2012]


       Here's a +1 for you - hey, where'd it go??!
oscil8, Jun 02 2012

       There used to be a little utility written for the Idris (tiny UNIX) OS called 'PackRat' which did something very similar to this. It could be set to "nibble" at a user's code, making subtle changes like substituting = for ==, or rearranging the order of lines or function calls so once-working ad debugged code would suddenly "go wrong". Guaranteed to cause long hours of overtime, sleep loss, paranoia and eventual nervous breakdown.   

       Oh, how we laughed …
8th of 7, Jun 02 2012


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