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Pyramidal Protest Parasol

Protest in comfort!
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Often, folks want to demonstrate in the hot hot sun. But this can make for sweat and sunburn. Also, although sign flippers work magic with their signs under the hot sun, demonstrators often lack these skills and so bob their flat posters up and down on sticks. This lacks panache and generates insufficient shade.

The Pyramidal Protest Parasol is a frame suitable for carrying several signs. Beneath is luxuriant shade. One can make custom signs to take advantage of the triangular shape, or affix standard rectangular signs. The PPP comes preprinted with the Eye of Providence at the top of each panel, but this can be subbed out for a sickle and hammer, pentagram, fetus, or other symbol.

For demonstrators interested in that extra je ne sais quoi, here at BUNGCO we have expert parasoleurs who sais exactly quoi, and can make a custom many sided parasol to meet your needs. The custom PPP comes with a swiveling handle so that it can be spun, merging the displayed image on each facet into a fascinating zoetrope. Victorious Baby Dance, Waving Flag and Burning Effigy are all popular.

bungston, Jul 14 2008

Down with baseball caps! http://www.pyramidh...om/images/clunn.jpg
No more hat head! [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 16 2008]


       Ahhh, finally, a true umbrella of directional intent, as pertains to political leaning.
4whom, Jul 14 2008

       + I missed this yesterday, your umbrella was facing the wrong way. ;)
xandram, Jul 15 2008

       I dunno.
Seems a bit shady to me.

       //a big message roman tortoise style//   

       I think the only message a roman tortoise ever conveyed was "Right, you bastards, we're coming in!"   

       I mean, I don't think it was much used as a medium of communication.
pertinax, Jul 16 2008

       "The medium is the message", [pertinax]
8th of 7, Jul 16 2008

       For a protest, one might wish the message to be XXL.
bungston, Jul 16 2008

       Very nice idea, but one remark. Demonstrations have most effect purely because of the number of the crowds. The visual effect of lots of angry heads marching close together.   

       If you change this picture into one of parasols, at leas one side of the pyramid should contain a picture of many angry heads. So as to compensate for the lost effect.
django, Jul 16 2008

       Could one mount angry heads atop the parasols? Faux heads would keep better, and could be reused.
bungston, Aug 09 2008


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