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Pyrotechnic I/O Card

When mere digital audio or a flashing light is not enough ...
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Designed to match the standard PCI form-factor, this is a stainless steel sheet metal box with card-edge connector; at the back where other connectors usually go there is stainless steel screen. Inside, 8 spring clips for small fireworks, and 8 small coils of nichrome wire to ignite the fuses. Each igniter is 1 bit on an ordinary 8 bit I/O port chip. Write an appropriate byte to memory location to set off the firework of your choice, firecracker, smoke bomb, whistler, etc.
batou, Apr 25 2007

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Stand well back, light blue touch paper http://www.appledef...s/burning-ibook.jpg
[DrCurry, Apr 30 2007]

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       I bet you could market this...
normzone, Apr 25 2007

       If you could get it approved.
wagster, Apr 30 2007

       I believe there is already a class of laptops on the market that is prone to catchng fire - that not enough for you?
DrCurry, Apr 30 2007

       You can do that with an epic card
dev45, Apr 30 2007


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