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QWERTY-VILLE aka The Most Boring Small City In The World
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QWERTY-VILLE aka TMBSCITW - The Most Boring Small City In The World is so called because it is modelled directly from the layout of a computer keyboard.

Look down at your keyboard and you are looking at an aerial view of QWERTY- VILLE.

Every single key is a building with its giant letter or dual number/symbol dominating each of its four faces. every building is the same height, and the same distance apart. There is no greenery, and everything is the exact same colour - a pale grey in the case of the iBook I am using to write this.

The largest of the buildings is the space bar. This is the only building with nothing in it. The rest of the buildings only contain material the begins with their initial key letter.

Questionable items are naturally housed in the "?" building.

Prisoners are secured at "caps lock".

Government offices are at "ctrl".

Naturally you enter and leave at "enter/ return".

For the cemetery see under "delete".

When you've had enough of life in the grey vistas of QWERTY-VILLE, you can always try your luck and make your way up to the key marked "esc".

xenzag, Feb 02 2007

Tamil99-town http://www.tamilvu....lnet99/keyboard.gif
This one doesn't even seem to have an "esc" building - yikes ! but at least it has nice blue streets. [xenzag, Feb 02 2007]

Logi-ville http://www.hardware...ated-keyboard-3.jpg
Logi-ville at night from 50,000 ft. [xenzag, Feb 02 2007]

QWERTY-VILLE abandoned http://www.nada.kth...gentbord-06-low.jpg
what happens when nature takes over the abandoned city [xenzag, Feb 02 2007, last modified Feb 08 2007]

Russian town with statue of a letter http://news.bbc.co..../europe/1382979.stm
QWERTY-VILLE's twin town in Russia [imaginality, Feb 03 2007]

Dvorak-Town http://www.mwbrooks.com/dvorak/index.html
Live on, Dvorak! [Bluewraith, Feb 04 2007]


       I anticipated your explanation of why the Space Bar is the largest building would have had something to do with QWERTY-VILLE being boring.   

       Does everyone in QWERTY-VILLE live at "HOME"? Good thing it's a small city! (Oh wait, there's 2 of 'em)   

       Is the "Backspace" building equivalent to a "way-back" machine?   

       Too bad the bank only has $4 in it.   

       And still nobody knows what the hell the Scroll Lock building is for.
Canuck, Feb 02 2007

       The scroll lock bldg. has elevators that go sideways.
xandram, Feb 02 2007

       Wouldn't scroll lock have books you couldn't check out?
PollyNo9, Feb 02 2007

       One building is nothing but Windows
phundug, Feb 02 2007

       The Alt building is peopled by artists, musicians and weirdos.
jtp, Feb 02 2007

       There's a series of skywalks connecting higher-class versions of the storage silos that can be entered on both sides of the town through buildings labelled "SHIFT".   

       Its German partner city is the pastoral village of Qwertz.   

       I don't think it's that boring. Did you find the pub? Next to the local swimming pool? They're really generous.
jutta, Feb 02 2007

       As the duck said to the bartender "Gimme a Tab with ice, and put it on my bill..."   

       Can anyone tell me why they need four buildings filled with nothing but arrows?
Canuck, Feb 03 2007

       I think the complex with four arrows on the roof is the tourist information centre.   

       Looks like it's wintertime - I see snow on the roof of building 8.   

       Psst! If you want to get high, there's a drug dealer at no. 3.   

       Must be depressing for sports fans that the local team always Underscore.   

       A scale model of this town can be viewed in the building marked '+'. [+]
imaginality, Feb 03 2007

       I thought + was the hospital. The orthodontist's office is just south of that.
phundug, Feb 04 2007

       How about the sister-city, Dvorak-Town? People seem to find life a little bit easier, although it takes some adjusting for new citizens. [+]
Bluewraith, Feb 04 2007

       wow - Dvorak-Town looks incredibly monotonous in those images. Well found !   

       I'm thinking now there could be Pocket- Calcu-Village as well.
xenzag, Feb 04 2007

       Where will it all end? On-Off Switch Hamlet?
imaginality, Feb 04 2007

       I wouldn't mind seeing what's inside F1, with any luck I could go for a spin around O.
skinflaps, Feb 05 2007

       Drug dealers hang out at "#" (Caution: possibly UK-centric joke).
hippo, Feb 05 2007

       There's a row of much smaller, round buildings along the north edge of QWERTY-VILLE. I can see a grocery store, video store, tire store, post office, private detective, information kiosk, and a travel agent that specializes in late-night flights.
Canuck, Feb 06 2007

       //Too bad the bank only has $4 in it.// Yes, but their interest is only 5%   

       There seems to be a double archery supply and staples shop just southeast of the Backspace.   

       I presume the Backspace is a chiropractors? Handy to the hospital and the ortho, and a short trip to the End Home.   

       Seems we're in the health services district. The birthing centre at Insert, and the crematorium just below it.   

       I see a large cathedral on the far eastern end of town, past what looks like an industrial estate, and possibly a smaller synagogue just north west of it. So I wonder why the twin mosques are all the way back over the other side of the hospital?   

       See you at the Pause Break for a coffee.
BunsenHoneydew, Feb 06 2007

       There's some handicap parking next to the old EXPO fair grounds, just south of the dozen or so buildings that don't seem to have any set function.
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 08 2007

       I live at Home, which is rather worryingly located next to the rather mysterious End. Nearby are the paper elevators at Page Up/Down. After a hard days work, I normally pop over to Pause/Break for a little unwinding (supplied, rumour has it, by firms located at t) Also, one can go shopping at the pork and egg markets located in MNX. And my mate Dave lives in Del. Ample sand for the building industry can be located by travelling up the SHIFT lifts to the 7 building.
zen_tom, Feb 08 2007

       Wow, a whole building dedicated to women in their menstrual cycle, located just left of the information booth.
phundug, Feb 08 2007

       come see the maze at @
jonthegeologist, Feb 08 2007

       Do psychics live at F8?
Canuck, Feb 09 2007

       We are lucky that the prison is not located at ESC.
Saruman, Feb 09 2007

       Qwertyville is situated next to some sprawl dubbed arrowville, scrollville, F-ville, Specialfunction-ville, with Keypad-ville being the next closest city. Of course, Specialfunction-ville is a very advanced society of elite CEOs that dictate the gruntwork of the other townsfolkers.
quantum_flux, Jan 05 2009

       //The rest of the buildings only contain material the begins with their initial key letter. //
So would the N building contain Nothing (a la Stanislaw Lem's "Cyberiad")?

       And the poor guys in l probably receive 1's and I's mail all the time :swear:
phundug, Jan 05 2009


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