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Stays close to ground, standing on lightweight wheels or "insect legs"
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Human carrying and flown quadcopter that does not fly, but rather reaches "neutral" weight. You then jump, hop, cycle, or with another motor get it going on land, roads or sea.
pashute, Jun 14 2017

Here, you can begin with this, then go from there .... Grasshopper_20cycle
[normzone, Jun 14 2017]


       [+] 7 League Drone
FlyingToaster, Jun 14 2017

       If it's at neutral weight, you might as well add a bit more power and fly.   

       If there's no ground load, you won't be able to get any friction for propulsion. If you have a fan for propulsion, you've just described the hovercraft, which is Baked and WKTE.   

       For ground transport, it's difficult to improve of the wheel in terms of efficiency and versatility.
8th of 7, Jun 14 2017


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