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"Marked for Completion"
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Often, I come up with an idea which I believe to be a 'half-baked' one, but then some of you with your clever it-would-be-even-better-if annotations belittle my half-baked idea into merely just a quarter-baked idea, or even back down to a twinkle.

I have no problem with this constructive input, after all, thats what annotating in mostly about, and I genuinely do thoroughly enjoy other peoples ideas towards my own.

So why not create a category where we post the ideas that we haven't quite half-baked on our own, and allow other users to continue, or edit them. Baking it slowly so to speak, in a group effort.

shinobi, Dec 02 2006


       Isnt that what we do now? You look at the annos and distill in those that you think reflect your original concept best. If anything I think that moves the idea forward.
jhomrighaus, Dec 02 2006

       Yes this is great, you could even start a website called Halfbakery.com.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 02 2006

       Sometimes I feel a little bit weird about adding my little additions to an idea that isn't my own. I guess I shouldn't but I can't shake the feeling that someone worked really hard to get all the little bits right, and then how will they feel when I come along and say   

       "Good idea, but if you add an X and a Y it will be even better."   

       Maybe I am projecting.
PollyNo9, Dec 03 2006

       /I can't shake the feeling that someone worked really hard/   

       Are you reading the Halfbakery?
bungston, Dec 03 2006

       // Are you reading the Halfbakery? //   

       Upon further thought, I should have put at least one "occasionally" in that annotation.
PollyNo9, Dec 03 2006

       its baked..... deja vu
Stork, Dec 04 2006

       I would love to belittle this idea with some perjorative cleverness, but I have no grist for my mill. I would prefer some [shinobi] original ideas, please.
bungston, Dec 04 2006

       they do have products to mist your grill. (English is actually my 1st language).
It does seem odd, that once you post an idea and see something from an anno that would make it better, that the difficulties of changing or reposting are great.
Zimmy, Dec 04 2006

       then no
shinobi, Dec 04 2006

       Does the HB community get together to develop different "evolutions" of an idea. Meaning, has an idea come that was rough and the HB community, through not just annos, but repostings, made it to be actually presentable as a business opportunity?   

       And i'm not talking about simple trinkets like a semi-permanent dry erase marker (i'll refer to my own idea). I'm talking about semi-grand ideas.   

       It seems that HB is full of brilliant, imaginative and creative-out-of-the- box-never- really-knew-about-the- box people. Is there a next step that this community can take at making some of the most brilliant ideas come to existance?
twitch, Dec 04 2006

       Surely to make improvements is one of the principal purposes of the use of annotation. I just looked through some of my ideas and a good 70% have suggested improvement annotations somewhere on them.   

       Many ideas are poorly thought out as it is. If this is actually different to the general usage of the halfbakery, it seems like it would just encourage laziness.
hidden truths, Dec 04 2006

       //Is there a next step that this community can take at making some of the most brilliant ideas come to existance?//   

       ah, a question that crosses the mind of (almost) every halfbaker.   

       I think the most realistic hope is that great ideas posted will eventually be found by people/organisations with suitable skills and incentive to put them into practice. The general understanding is that posting (good) ideas is an altruistic act.   

       However, there is possibly a 'tragedy of the commons' effect with posting ideas 'free-to-all': no-one can gain exclusive rights to the idea (be it patent or trade secret), so no-one will have incentive to invest in it (e.g. if I were to invest in bringing an idea to market, maybe 50 others will do exactly the same at the same time unbeknownst to me). Of course this is, in most cases, extreme paranoia. I have provided my own solution to this problem with my idea 'ideas marketplace'.
xaviergisz, Dec 04 2006

       If there were a fund that I could donate to on HB that went towards the pantenting of a voted on best and most feasable idea, I would definately donate.
twitch, Dec 04 2006


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