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public: attacks

orginal low-tech high impact attacks on society
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A new category where new concepts for attacks can be developed. When you or the federal agencies read this category you are better prepared for todays world. Attacks have to be relatively inexpensive, low-tech, high impact and could be suicidal. Hijacking a plane and flying it into a high rise building would qualify although it requires flying lessons and training. If it's already done, the idea is baked. High impact means panic more than casualties. If it profoundly shakes our confidence in things we trust in it fits this category. Dedication, planning and time are the most important resources and the world is the arena. For maximum impact situate the attack in the USA with live media-coverage rather than in any other country. It should scare the whole Western world, a massacre in some African country doesn't qualify, regardless of the number of casualties.
rrr, Oct 13 2001

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       was "[m-f-d]

       [2002-01-28] m-f-d removed. Not a troll - just a bad idea.
Working out the way in which terrorists might strike so that we can provent them: good.
Discussing the above in a public forum so that they can get inspiration from out ideas: bad.
st3f, Oct 13 2001

       Pfft. You could have at least implanted that outburst inside a more convincing idea. There is a 'product: weapon', you know.
sdm, Oct 13 2001

       It is not meant as a troll. I wanted to post the idea of putting Anthrax in newspapers by letting an employee next to the printing press leak it from an automated box scotched to the production line. But in which category should I post this then? To have such a category would be good to use the collective imagination of everyone @halfbakery to come up with scenarios to take into account. Just yesterday I read in the newspaper that feds are brainstorming together with Hollywood scriptwriters to improve their worst case scenarios. The WTC attack shows that the imagination of the intelligence service was not sufficient to think of something like this. And no I haven't been away the last 6 weeks. I just can't find a good place to post ideas for new attacks. You might not need such a place and that's why you find the proposal not convincing. That has nothing to do with originality of the idea.
rrr, Oct 13 2001


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