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Queensbur-E Rules

A set of rules for on-line chat combat
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The idea being that the winners know when they have won, and the loser knows when to f**k off.
Spidergoat, Jun 06 2001

The Marquis of Queensberry Rules http://www.hickoksp...tory/marqrule.shtml
Background: the idea's title refers (poorly...) to the standard boxing rules drawn up by John Graham Chambers in 1865. [jutta, Jun 06 2001]


       [User not logged in] Works for me.
reensure, Jun 06 2001

       UnaBubba's right, it doesn't work without a referee. Could be server-enforced, perhaps, with some sort of heuristics programming that detects a successful accumulation of logic and wit, and then appends appropriate tags to the combatants. Pretty sticky programming, though--value judgements and all that.
Dog Ed, Jun 06 2001

       Perhaps then someone with more web savvy than the likes of me could set up www.Queensbur-E.com where any serious flame wars could be taken. The website guarentees that there will be a referee on hand 24/7 and that disputes will be judged fairly.   

       I would also imagine that humans being what they are, that there would be a fairly healthy helping of gawpers logging in to watch the spectacle.   

       Then we might find the first world champion of flame?
Spidergoat, Jun 06 2001

egnor, Jun 07 2001


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