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Retroactive strikethrough

A button to let you cross out something you said by mistake
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Once you press send on an instant message, it <s>sensd.s</s> sends. The message is irrevocable and the only way to make corrections to it is to retype the entire thing, or use some notation like:

Screenname13789: Let's go pubic!

Screenname13789: *public

What instant messengers really need is a quick way to strike out the last thing you said, or specific words from the last thing you said, analogous to Morse code's ·······.

This would more quickly get the point across.

omegatron, Jun 07 2005

Baked https://telegram.org/blog/edit
Telegram: "Starting today, you can edit the text of your messages after sending them." [omegatron, Sep 14 2016]


       // slowing down a little   

       pshsh! whyt he hiell iwoudl i dio that?!1
omegatron, Jun 08 2005

       I thought this would be a strikethrough feature used in applications like Word, with a button in the taskbar, so you could strike-as-you-type. This is better. +
ghillie, Jun 08 2005

       I tend to be too slow to catch the mistakes. This means five edits and people telling me what I've missed. The upshot, you have to know you have made a mistake.
wjt, Sep 15 2016

       You can edit your messages on Slack too.
notexactly, Sep 20 2016


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