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computer plus cheap robot shuffles through actual paper correspondence plus suggests much better versions of the junk correspondence that people get this saves thousands per year; realigns advertising industry
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This thing is kind of like a roomba that sorts paper correspondence with software that finds a better version of what was received It TIVOs plus IMDBs your arriving correspondence

this matters as direct paper advertising is said to have the highest rate of response; its actually people's most opportune link to find a better alternative service; also a machine that removes the most effective form of advertising creates huge advertising revenue opportunities for competing advertising forms

each day multiple letters arrive; the robot moves them around such that the CCD plus software can guess what they are about, then the desktop view gives you an augmented reality view of the days correspondence

if it sees a bank statement or CC advertisement then the software is clever enough to suggest using a credit union which has a much more consumer beneficial fee structure often 7 or more percentage points lower with lower fees plus wider latitude

If the software sees a quaint catalog then it searches the items on the covers online to find a cheaper alternate source company

If the starving children want money then the software finds the optimal starving child charity opportunity based on the actual pt that goes to rescue from give.org

with Various services the questor compares them with a thing like "angies list" (link)

Like Tivo it neutralizes advertising then replaces it with a superior opportunity kind of like IMDB; the opportunity is there to list standard swapouts online as a community database; really advanced tech could laserzap the outside of every paper item received with: Questor found a similar item that is much better(three quarters) and cheaper

Google's efforts to develop automatic book readers mingled with roomba technology plus CCDs that can see thru paper (remember it has lasers plus hours to repetitively sample through the 'lope) provide functional technology

beanangel, Mar 08 2010

a million people apparently use this list of preferred providers of most services http://www.angieslist.com/angieslist/
[beanangel, Mar 08 2010]


       //saves thousands per year; realigns advertising industry//   

       Beany baby, you need to think bigger.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 09 2010

       It's a slightly laudable aim, but am I going to trust it not to neutralize that one item of post which really does inform me I have won a million pounds?   

       Keep it up with the capitalization, though - some promising work here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 09 2010


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