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Realspace Object Library

catalog stuff and interact with robots
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the ROL would consist of an internet published database of common real world objects. It would have such information as the usual sizes, shapes, and weights and metadata dumps of associated words.

The goal is to prevent duplicate work by robotics researchers.

Voice, Jul 10 2012


       What is the 'usual' weight of an apple? Heck, what is the 'usual' weight of a 1987 Cadillac DeVille? Vehicle weights alone are so dependent upon options mixes that manufacturers only bother to track a few typicals.
RayfordSteele, Jul 10 2012

       RayfordSteele - it doesn't have to be just a bunch of text. Heck even a library of clean whiteroom 'photos' of said apple would still be pretty useful.
mofosyne, Jul 11 2012

       [+] I don't think it'd be that useful for real scientists, but sounds pretty neat for a DIY'er.
FlyingToaster, Jul 11 2012

       The files could also be (with luck) imported into 3D graphics or CAD packages. For that reason, I imagine that such libraries exist, but are not free to use.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 11 2012


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