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Queue Aerobics

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Rather than waiting sedentarily in a long line at the bank, there are a series of treadmills set into the floor of the lobby. Those farthest from the teller move the slowest and the treadmills move progressively faster as you get closer to the teller. This allows patrons to get an aerobic workout while waiting at the bank. By having the treadmills move progressively faster, those waiting in line can get a good workout even when there are few people in line since they will be closer to the front and thus hit their optimal heart rate faster. Rails on either side of each line can be used for support and can also measure heart rate.

As this idea catches on, banks can come out with new features like videos of aerobic instructors, stair trainers instead of treadmills, and lighted “foot prints” on the floor that allow patrons to dance in synch to invigorating lobby music.

There is a space between successive treadmills for those who prefer to just stand there.

lingamish, Jul 03 2006

Halfbakery: Wait....loss program (2003) Wait_2e_2e_2e_2e_2eloss_20program
Similar, but with one large treadmill for everybody. [jutta, Jul 03 2006]


       If you tripped up the person at the front of the queue, he'd be sent carreering into the rest of the people in line who would all end up in a big pile some distance from the queue-target - allowing you to innocently step up to the front without having to break into a sweat.
zen_tom, Jul 03 2006

       "... lighted “foot prints” on the floor that allow patrons to dance in synch to invigorating lobby music."   

       It's "Wait, Wait, Revolution"! Add karaoke and you've got my idea of hell.
jutta, Jul 03 2006

       lobby music isn't invigorating, and i doubt it ever will be. i like [zen-tom]'s idea though.
tcarson, Jul 03 2006

       police officer: "And did the robber seem nervous ma'am?"   

       teller: "Why yes! He was sweating profusely and gasping for breath."   

       looks around bank and realizes she's just described everyone.
pigtails_and_ponies, Jul 03 2006


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