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Shower Treadmill

For those early morning workouts that you can never do because you are in a a hurry....
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The idea is to create a water-proof treadmill that is compact enough to be integrated into the shower floor. The treadmill has stand features of variable speed and resistance, and you can use it while taking the shower. There is one advantage in addition to the work out and that is that since the workout will make you sweat and thus open up your pores the cleaning effect would be enhanced. So you will come out not only refreshed but very clean. Oh and it has a thick rubber flooring that is slip resistant.

PS: there is also a version where the treadmill speed is connected to the 'hotness' of the shower. But that model never sold.

nomadic_wonderer, Jan 31 2004

Pedal Shower http://www.solyarog.../en/prod/step.shtml
Sadly this webpage was translated from Russian by monkeys, and I think the monkeys had been at the vodka. But it might be a pedal-powered shower. [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Mobile Bicycle Shower http://www.halfbake..._20bicycle_20shower
Another idea for simultaneous cleaning and showering. [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]


       Please address water evacuation and slippery surface issues. Then I'll buy it
theircompetitor, Jan 31 2004

       I run in the rain. This would work, but you'd need good shoes. I'd buy it. I love running and hate the clean-up part.
futurebird, Jan 31 2004

       Could we add automated hairwashing and shaving devices ? One soapy croissant....
normzone, Jan 31 2004

       [normzone] I was planning that as model lazy boy!
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 31 2004

       I'm sorry, but this would never work. Running shoes in the shower?
tchaikovsky, Feb 01 2004

       I like your thinking, but I find I have to wait 20 minutes to cool down and stop sweating after a run, otherwise I continue to sweat even after a prolonged cold shower. So working up a sweat whilst in the shower will result in me smelling slightly rancid for the rest of the day. Maybe I'm some sort of perspiration freak?   

       Tchaikovsky's point about running shoes can also be extended to people who need to wear sports bras.
egbert, Feb 01 2004

       It might not be for everyone, but I'd certainly buy one. There's nothing more annoying to me than that sweaty, sticky clothes feeling after strenuous exercise. I suppose I could exercise naked, but that might alarm too many people, oh and it'd be cold.
silverstormer, Feb 01 2004

       this is lovely but I would certainly want a moving scenic wall or I would get bored very quickly.
po, Feb 01 2004

       Just take your morning bath in one of those treadmill pools.
DrCurry, Feb 01 2004

       + for the time saving.
jonthegeologist, Feb 01 2004

       Good one, [nw]. Can it make coffee too?
lintkeeper2, Feb 01 2004

       lintkeeper2 and po, Its like I told [normzone], there is a lazy boy version! that has both the coffee maker and the TV screen.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 01 2004

       [tchaikovsky] one could choose not to wear shoes you know!
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 01 2004

       True, one could choose not to wear shoes or any other clothes at all. But have you ever run without shoes? Has a tendency to hurt the soles and the ankles. And are you a woman that has ever run without a sports bra? Not pretty.
tchaikovsky, Feb 01 2004

       Clean up would be a breeze! Just turn the thing on high and hold a scrubber stationary.
DonBirnam, Feb 02 2004

       It would get tricky when you need to rinse the soap off your back. Most people run much slower backwards than forewards.
GenYus, Feb 02 2004

       NO RUNNING ARROUND THE POOL - wait a minute.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 02 2004

       On the BBC television programme "What the Victorians Did for Us", hosted by the excellent (?) Adam Hart-Davis (the guy from those tax ads), they showed a combined exercise bike and shower. You pedalled the bike, which worked a pump feeding water to a shower head above your, erm, head.   

       Can't find a link out there, but I'm sure someone else must have seen it too.
suctionpad, Feb 02 2004

       i like the idea. but i hate the idea. maybe because i don't like treadmills much.
scratchpost, Feb 03 2004

       [scratchpost] so you like it twice and dislike it twice... thats alright all are welcome here!
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 03 2004

       It'd be hard to intimate with a lover in the shower if the floor was moving...
Space-Pope, Feb 03 2004

       What surprises me is that this isn't the first idea here for combining a shower and an exercise machine. Brun suggested adding a shower to a bicycle (see link); here we add a treadmill to a shower.
kropotkin, Feb 03 2004


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