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RC Solar Panel Dusting Arm

Controlled by software from your PC
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A Remote Control (RC) Solar-panel cleaning dusting arm, controlled by software from a PC or mobile phone.

The unit which costs $387 and a 10 year warranty not including the replaceable arm, is fastened to the solar panels somewhere in the middle of the roof.

It includes

A. A rag holder at the end of
B. A folding arm, and
C. A telescopic antena with a low resolution camera.

The arm works in three stages:
a. Storage: The arm and camera are folded in, so as not to be affected by the elements (wind, sun or dust).

b. Loading: The arm reaches off the roof and down to the loading platform where a rag is attached. (Or a rope with a tiny elevator is used for bringing the rag or a "rag magazine" to the end of the roof, where it then loads itself with the rag.

c. Cleaning: A human controls the unit from the PC. If it is a "cleaning company" the unit is run from a mobile phone with a code. The rag keeps the arm from scratching the panels, and cleans them from dust.

pashute, Feb 22 2011


       why do you need the human? It's not like this is flying a Predator or something. Why couldn't this be a windshield wiper on a monthly timer?
bungston, Feb 22 2011

       Marketing, bungston, marketing. It's more video game-like this way. Other than the RC biz, the rest is well-thought and bunworthy I think.
RayfordSteele, Feb 22 2011


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