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Renewable Solar

like conventional solar, but actually renewable
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This was inspired by annotations to Solar Copper Mine which pointed out the fact that solar energy (unlike the rest of the energy in the universe) is not renewable.

My proposal is to instead use actual solar energy.

Here's one way I think it could work:

All of the energy we observe as being exerted by the sun eventually affects the constitution of another star, which proceeds to emit what we refer to as solar energy.

Another way it could work: Swallow a can of spinach, and right before you beat someone up, warn them that you are powered by "solar energy".

One more way: Starting with the sun's rays, simply refer to each successive form that energy takes as solar in skip step. (why skip step? Because otherwise the energy will never need to be "renewed" because it will never not be solar.)

fishboner, Nov 09 2012

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Damnit [fishboner, Nov 09 2012]

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THIS is how you do "Renewable" Solar power! [Vernon, Nov 10 2012]


       I knew this wouldn't be long in coming.
Alterother, Nov 09 2012

       Weak. We name things based on what they are, not where they came from. You don't say "Pass me that Germany, I need to rinse down these spicy Japan" because that would cause people to hit you.
WcW, Nov 10 2012

       I agree, it would be odd to refer to solar energy as "sun". I disagree, it would be preferable to refer to solar energy as "sun".
fishboner, Nov 10 2012

       Quite so, [WcW]. Now pass me that Burgundy, I need to wash down these crunchy Brazils.
spidermother, Nov 10 2012


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