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RC power socket

please....don't get up.
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It's early in the morning, sipping my coffee and working away on my laptop, and sudden;y *ping* the battery warning comes up informing me theres little life left in the little guy. Thats strange, the chords' plugged in the side but it doesn't seem to be charging (follows chord to the wall socket with eyes)...DOH! It's not switched on!

No problems, I have my remote control power socket switch; no need to get up!



shinobi, Nov 30 2007

You want one of these. http://www.ryness.c...=754&ProductID=3804
[angel, Nov 30 2007]

Or one of these. http://www.maplin.c...eNo=42504&doy=18m11
[angel, Nov 30 2007]

Or maybe one of these. http://www.uk-autom...ia-lite-p-1269.html
[angel, Nov 30 2007]

Maybe you prefer this. http://www.oneswitc...IY/power-socket.htm
[angel, Nov 30 2007]

Hey, Amazon sell them as well. http://www.amazon.c...rol%20Socket&page=1
[angel, Nov 30 2007]

470,000 hits for "remote control" socket http://www.google.c...untryUK%7CcountryGB
Widely known to exist? [angel, Nov 30 2007]

Beat this price http://www.wickes.co.uk/invt/195059
[bhumphrys, Nov 30 2007]


       lazy lump ! +
xenzag, Nov 30 2007

       //No problems, I have my remote control power socket switch; no need to get up!//   

       Except I left it next to the power socket...
Ling, Nov 30 2007

       Homing plugs...
phoenix, Nov 30 2007

       I've got a remote control Google search window you can have.
hippo, Nov 30 2007

       [angel] the assassin!
Jinbish, Nov 30 2007

       Who, me?
angel, Nov 30 2007

       sp: cord's
baconbrain, Nov 30 2007

       Maybe he was twanging on the cable to create a chord?
xenzag, Nov 30 2007

       //Who, me?//   

       No. No. I didn't say anything.
Jinbish, Nov 30 2007

       The cord's what?
What [angel] said. I have several.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 30 2007

       What about a long pole?
nineteenthly, Nov 30 2007

       Because Latvians will be even cheaper?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 30 2007

       Make all the power sockets IP-addressable ...
8th of 7, Dec 03 2007


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