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Safety Socket Timer

Peace of mind after you've left your house
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This idea is born out of the countless times I've had to turn the car around and return to the house after the girlfriend proclaims - 'Oh - I think I may have left my hair straighteners on - again!'

Looking very similar to one of those safety cutout plugs you use with lawnmowers and other garden equipment, this device sits inbetween the plug socket and the electrical device to be used.

There's a dial which gives you set intervals of time, e.g. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes. There's a button you press to activate the socket and allow power to flow. The power then flows for the specified duration of time before cancelling, at which point the button must be depressed again for another burst of power.

This way, even if you can't be sure you've turned your hair straighteners, soldering iron, or electric blanket off, you know that it will only run for that certain amount of time before powering off automatically.

HowardMarks, Jan 07 2009


       Not a bad idea - I don't think I have seen any timer apart from the 24Hr or otherwise programmable types which are way over the top for this 10 minute stint.
There are more complicated ways of dealing with this issue (like a web enabled control system in your house for all lighting, electrical and HVAC applications - you could then just turn the circuit off from your mobile phone).
gnomethang, Jan 07 2009

       I've seen built into the wall timers used in bathrooms, largely for heat lamps, and in at least one instance bathroom exhaust fans. These are simple twist to set time duration units. I don't think I've ever seen one either an an indendent unit. This would also work if it came built into units that inherently have a short use period and safety liability from extended operation.
MechE, Jan 07 2009

       I like this. We often suffer the same “Did I? Didn't I?” dilemma; usually about 2-3 miles from home. Why is it never within the first 100 metres? Unlike it being your "girlfriend"'s fault, it's usually me proclaiming my uncertainty about the on/off status of straighteners...
silverstormer, Jan 07 2009


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