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RFID the sheep

Anti-sheep rustling RFID microchippin'.
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I've just come back from Scotland
and it appeared to be full of sheep
But what if one was rustled?
No more! Just listen for the beep

The farmer did have a certificate
To match each one of his sheep
And when he went off to market
He needed both paper and beep

If they match the certificate and RFID
Then a sale it could be
Otherwise I say "That sheep be rustled"
And a sale we will not see

jonthegeologist, Sep 10 2005

MicroChip Connections http://www.microchi....com/fs_AboutUs.htm
Microchip Service Provider in CA [dogzapper, Sep 10 2005]

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       Just use the same technology used for dogs in the US (maybe elsewhere?) called microchip I.D. implants. See link.
dogzapper, Sep 10 2005

       yep, quite, apply existing technology in a slightly new way.
jonthegeologist, Sep 10 2005


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