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Pig finding Truffles

Use a truffle to find your pig.
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Pigs have long been used to hunt truffles, but if they love them so much, couldn't you use a truffle to find your lost pig?
Giblet, Feb 23 2005

Article http://herbarium.us...nFacts/Truffind.htm
pigs aren't used anymore, dogs are trained to find them [dentworth, Feb 23 2005]

The melancholy death of the world's biggest truffle. http://news.bbc.co..../europe/4107083.stm
It is being interred in Italy. [wagster, Feb 25 2005]


       Oh Honey, are you retarded?
bristolz, Feb 23 2005

       No silly, he is simply the innards of a turkey...
blissmiss, Feb 23 2005

       Or Chestnut? (With the emphasis on NUT, naturally).
blissmiss, Feb 23 2005

       I'm still waiting for [Sullivan] to turn up.
angel, Feb 23 2005

       This is an offal idea
hippo, Feb 23 2005

       where's my pig?   

       oh, perhaps dentworth knows! nope, she has not a clue!
po, Feb 23 2005

       the pigs would fight for the truffles cause they wanted to eat them.   

       I just think that's funny.
dentworth, Feb 23 2005

       Hello my name is dentworth and I'm a truffleaholic. It has been 20 hours since I last had a Lindor truffle. Thank you.
dentworth, Feb 23 2005

       Well, sorry to hog the annos,   

       ahem, but if you've lost your pig,[po] look for it where you stow your truffles, and the truffles, hence, help you find your pig. + for the superior idea
dentworth, Feb 23 2005

po, Feb 23 2005

       Don't all truffles eventually find pigs? How is this a new idea?
phundug, Feb 23 2005

       Why are female pigs excited about truffles? The girls always dig a fungi.
FarmerJohn, Feb 24 2005

       Female pigs are sow into truffles.
Giblet, Feb 25 2005

       Some London restaurant recently paid £20,000 pounds for a record sized truffle. The chef left it in a locked fridge over the weekend where it went off. I'll try to find an article.
wagster, Feb 25 2005

       //chef left it in a locked fridge over the weekend // I bet he got into deep truffle.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 25 2005

       You telling Porkies Wags?
etherman, Feb 25 2005

       No, its the honest truffe.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 25 2005

       This idea's a boar.
etherman, Feb 25 2005


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