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RF charger

Charge batteries with near-field radiation
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Not sure if this violates laws of physics; please comment if you know a lot about this stuff.

first of all
How RFIDs Work:
1. an "RFID reader" emits some radiation
2. the radiation induces a tiny current in the antenna of an RFID
3. the antenna is connected to a tiny capacitor, which stores a tiny charge to power a chip that transmits an identifier

perhaps it is possible to use this procedure for charging batteries:
1. have a charging pod connected to the wall outlet
2. the charging pod constantly emits radiation
3. a cell phone (for example) contains the antenna-capacitor circuit like an RFID, which in turn charges the battery from the current induced
---> so to summarize, you toss your cell phone and camera and whatever next to this charging pod and they get charged up

notes: 1. There are plenty of concepts and commercial products which are basically the same idea except they use magnetism to induce a current for charging. The only advantage of the RF version is that devices to be charged do not have to to be quite as close to the charging pod, and they do not have to be placed in a specific orientation (you just toss it in any way it falls)
2. I envision the charging pod as sort of a cloth box that contains the radiation transducer. So that way it's easy to just "toss" something in and know that it is at the correct distance to receive an adequate dose of radiation
3. I *think* the best thing to do would be radiation at very high frequency because higher frequency=higher power and shorter fall-off distance (so it doesn't cook you when you're standing across the room)

mapquest, Aug 22 2006

Broadcast power from the early 20th century http://www.twelvest...diant%20Energy.html
[ldischler, Aug 22 2006]


       This is as old as Tesla. (And welcome to the bakery, mapquest.)
ldischler, Aug 22 2006

       But what about my brains, would they not heat up? Would this not simply melt my brain so that I become a slave to consumerism and capitalist pigism?   

       (Oh, sorry, I see you asked for comments from people who know something about this, not me) +
zeno, Aug 22 2006

       aren't sonicare toothbrushes and the like charged with magnetism, not RF?   

       the idea is just that with RF you wouldn't need to align it with the charger, so you could just have an RF charging box that you toss everything into at the end of the day
mapquest, Aug 26 2006

       "charged with magnetism, not RF"   

       This is not a distiction. Radio is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 28 2006


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