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non-rechargeable battery recharger

Checks heat, has safety precautions
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Turn regular non-rechargeable batteries into rechargeable ones.

This device checks the heat and stops the current if overheated. Also has a cooling device so that can achieve better effectiveness.

The device is surrounded by a lightweight but durable material which will catch the energy and distribute it, in case of an exploding battery.

Of course it will have a display with an estimate of the battery's power upon insertion and time expected till filling.

pashute, Apr 24 2013

non-rechargeable battery recharger http://news.softped...attery-189461.shtml
Watts Clever Battery Charger Even Works With Non-Rechargeable Battery [Loris, Apr 24 2013]


       How does this device and the other device work?   

       Just asking.
skinflaps, Apr 24 2013

       These already exist.
Loris, Apr 24 2013

       A long time ago, I saw adverts for chargers that "work even with non-rechargeable batteries".   

       So, presumably then, the problem is that normal batteries either overheat or accumulate gas if you try to recharge them?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 24 2013

       //These already exist.//   

       Ahh, I get it.
skinflaps, Apr 24 2013

       They were taken off the shelf after explosions occurred.   

       So my idea checks the heat, --woops, read carefully the specs on the link, their's does too... and stops the recharging if things start going wrong.   

       So what makes it special is that it is enclosed in a special cover that will safely absorb the energy in case of an explosion.
pashute, May 10 2013

       Could the e - forget it, i have an idea.
nineteenthly, May 11 2013

       It does not address the fact that under recharging a paste battery inevitably produces small bubbles of h2 gas, which are in turn trapped in the battery and can cause the battery to rupture or explode if it becomes shorted in latter applications. Thus the danger of a battery failure increases even after the charging process. It is perfectly possible to recharge a non-rechargable battery, but this process will result in a battery that could be significantly more likely to suffer a critical failure.
WcW, May 11 2013

       A "rechargeable" battery, in general, is one in which the chemical reaction which occurs on discharge is simply reversed when the electromotive force is applied back to the battery in the other direction.   

       A "non-rechargeable" battery operates via a chemical reaction which cannot be reversed simply by pushing the electricity back through it. Perhaps some of the reaction products escape, or diffuse away from the electrodes, or any of a number of other things can make the the reaction "non-reversible" (q.G.) The product of the attempt can be a partial-charged battery, a hot battery, a leaky battery, a bomb, a flaming battery, a short circuit... Failure modes abound. And predominate.
lurch, May 12 2013


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