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RIAA-certified Crap-in-a-Can

Merde d'Artiste + a minindisc
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In 1961, conceptual artist Piero Manzoni crapped in a can and some forty-odd years later 30g of the crap sold for almost 18,000GB pounds. I propose that in order to stop the whining of RIAA musicians regarding internet downloads & piracy, that theses similar "artistes" follow the example of Mr. Manzoni and start their creative bowels a'moving.

Their output would be rare, considering the champion among us has at the most two or three good poohs a day; also, shit as we know it is not yet digitized or downloadable. To prevent common counterfeiting, a carefully printed certificate of authenticity could come with the can, or perhaps a bit of pubic hair which is DNA testable could be included with the, um, product.

I know, "What about the music?" you may ask, and I think a minidisc of the recording star should be included on the bottom of the can. Of course, all this artistry will not come cheap: if a non-musically talented Italian conceptual artist you've never heard of can rate $29,000, think what Lars Ulrich could earn. Metamucil, anyone?

feiacrianca, Sep 10 2003


       I've got a can of.. uhh.. Lars Ulrich's crap. Want to buy it?
DeathNinja, Sep 10 2003

       I recently saw Metallica, in concert, they rocked proverbial ass! Personally I would pay a few grand for a personally shitted on CD, call me crazy but.....I have no reason.
silverstormer, Sep 10 2003

       First you said "RIAA-certified." Then you said "crap." I heard you the first time. :-)
TerranFury, Aug 13 2004

       holy crap--what the pope does a couple of times a day!   

       think what THAT would bring on eBay *laughs*
adamosity, Aug 15 2004

       Will there also be urine in a bottle to go with it?   

       How about, from male stars, semen? "WARNING: Keep away from vagina"   

       I sicken myself.
Cats Whiskers, Aug 15 2004

       Wow...not quite the idea I was expecting it to be.
destructionism, Aug 16 2004


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