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Tiered royalty

Play early or pay later
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Tired of seeing/hearing the same 6 songs in constant cycle 666, pouring money into the pits of hell, we (myself, the hits and the misses) suggest that the music industry reapply the same general rules they use for royalties in movies (or as Chris Rock once put it "If you've ever heard it, you can't afford it.")

A tiered royalty program rewards stations which play the newest music first, in the greatest variety, because after a certain number of total plays, the tiered royalty costs for any one song become prohibitively expensive, except in movies and for anyone who bought the cut themselves.

4and20, Oct 16 2015

payola https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payola
a thing [calum, Oct 16 2015]


       The radio stations are part of the music industry machine, not a customer of it. Look up Cumulus Radio.   

       "indie" radio stations already do what I'm guessing you want.   

       If you really want //the newest music// in //the greatest variety// just play random newly-uploaded YouTube videos. There's no accounting for taste...
sninctown, Oct 16 2015

       all greek to me.. Ta, [sninctown] by fk you have an awfuk user name to copy paste
po, Oct 16 2015

       This is a rejigging of payola, yeah?
calum, Oct 16 2015

       I thought The Family already had a tiering system. Madam Immortalle, some sparky younger chaps, the once and future king-children...   

       Maybe I should seek other news sources than the impulse stand at the grocery check out.
absterge, Oct 17 2015

       I can't see the payola connection, although I've never been properly Connected. You'd think even the labels running their own radio stations would want a larger pool of moneymakers in their song cycle, but no one ever accused monopolists of understanding capitalism.
4and20, Oct 18 2015


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