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Role-Playing-Game-World-like user interface
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a menubar appears at the bottom of the screem. you control a character, and make him/her/it/hermaphrodite pronoun move around. Various programs and services are represented as houses, buildings, and people, in an expansive world. You may want to send an e-mail, so you wander around town and find the post office. It's either set to run T-bird or Evolution or Outlook (hiss) or whatever other e-mail client you use, or has it's own e-mail client. Home (or, in the Windows world, My Documents) would be your characters house. Etc, etc, and the like.
kitsuneofdoom, Aug 26 2005

Microsoft Bob http://toastytech.com/guis/bob2.html
Something of a flop [5th Earth, Aug 27 2005]


       I believe variations of this have been baked. Virtual rooms with documents, stacks of pictures, etc,etc... it helped users to remember where their things are by using natural space rather than the awkward metaphor of nested files and folders. I believe that virtual meetings where people actually walk around are also baked.
ixnaum, Aug 26 2005

       Kind of like Microsoft Bob. (link)   

       Personally I find the "metaphor" of nested folders much easier. Although the visual charm of an RPGUI might be fun, for a while.
5th Earth, Aug 27 2005


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