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Radio station recall

help finding the last station
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a previous channel button for car radios for when you find something you like on the preset buttons but cant remember which station it was

(this idea was from my friend who didnt have an account so i let him post his idea on mine)

seventhinline, Jul 31 2005


       Hey [seventh],first, use a real category. Product: radio: control might be a good one
dentworth, Jul 31 2005

       Oh, thanks for explaining that, now tell friend to give it a better title. and get an account, it's free!
dentworth, Jul 31 2005

       Thank you for adding the corrections - a tip is to note what you did at the end, so people do not get confused when reading the annotations.   

       Bun, although if the station you like is in the presets, you surely don't need to find it again. I would use this for when you just go to a random station and want to find it again. It wouldn't be to hard to implement (I think) in new radios.
dbmag9, Jul 31 2005

       [dbmag9] Those corrections were not added by the author of the idea but by a moderator. Moderators typically will only make changes to the idea name, spelling of the idea name and categorization of the idea in order to facilitate proper filing in the halfbakery's archives. It's done so that everyone can more easily find and access an idea at any point in the future.   

       Moderators typically avoid making any changes in the body of an idea's text because no matter how poorly someone spells or how incomprehensible their grammar is, those idiosyncracies are considered part of that author's self-expression. It is part, also, of the merits on which the idea will be judged by all readers of the halfbakery. Tempting as it may be, moderators work very hard not to violate the sanctity of each halfbakery user's right to freely express themselves, provided that expression is neither malicious, threatening, nor outrageously disruptive.   

       All of this is a long way around explaining why you did not see (nor would you expect to see) an *EDIT:* notation at the foot of the idea, or in the course of the annotations.
jurist, Jul 31 2005

       [jurist] you'd make a good mod.
po, Jul 31 2005

       What a nice thing to say. Hats off to those folks.
jurist, Jul 31 2005


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