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voice activated radio

Tell you radio what channel to change too
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This is my first post so don't get angry if it sucks (instead help me). But what if you could get a voice recigniton doo-hikie in a car radio. Imagine your driving down the road and you wish to listen to a favorite channel. So in stead of being a giant moving 2-ton hazard just call out the channel name. And maybe you could give your radio a name. "George (george being the radio) I feel like some WMAL" then you could either have it respond "Please enter radio adress" or have it programmed so when you say WMAL it brings you to WMAL. (you might put all this in a boom-box too)
Nils the TMP ninja, Dec 28 2003

Command This Radio With Your Voice! http://www.smarthome.com/4613.html
[benjamin, Oct 04 2004]

JVC Bows Car Stereo with Voice Recognition http://www.beststuf...y_id=20000322151040
[benjamin, Oct 04 2004]

KD-LX50 http://www.jvc.com/...archive=true&page=3
"The entire system can be operated with simple voice commands." [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]


       1) Somewhat baked (see links).
2) Please check your spelling/grammar.
benjamin, Dec 28 2003

       "Intelligent" car stereos would probably choose to re-tune themselves to Radio 4, anyway.
Fishrat, Dec 29 2003


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