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Rain Harvesting

Create electrostatic/magnetic funnel to collect rain water
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Rain drops have electric charge. By creating a electrostatic funnel we can collect this water. Want verification....in terms of what is charge on a raindrop what - type of electrostatic or magnetic funnel need be created.

The funnel can be created by placing a group on charge plates in a circle over a large area - several square kilometers and also probably elevated to some height say 300 mts.

Alternatively, you could create a magentic field which move the charged particles of water to the center. This could be achieved by electromagnets arranged in suitable fashion.

sbothra, Aug 30 2004


       How do you create this funnel?
Worldgineer, Aug 30 2004

       (mfd removed)   

       Welcome to the 'bakery, [sbothra]. Please take a moment to read the help file. The link is on the left, under meta. Unless you can tell us how to create this funnel, you should delete this idea.
Worldgineer, Aug 30 2004

       [sb] How would "charge plates" be much different than a normal funnel, other than having to carry an immensely high charge? My next challange to you: provide us with some numbers as to how much charge you'll need in your electromagnet array.
Worldgineer, Aug 30 2004

       A normal funnel would occupy too much space and would impact land usage under the funnel. If you want to build a large funnel - over a large area - this would not be desirable.
sbothra, Aug 30 2004

       But your charge plates would need to cover the same area, right?
Worldgineer, Aug 30 2004

       No. A funnel uses a surface to direct water. A electric field is not a surface and can be created by a 4 - 20 plates arranged in a pattern.
sbothra, Aug 30 2004

       I can't use 21? Maybe you need a drawing.
Worldgineer, Aug 30 2004

       would the charge plates take less power to energize and repel-direct the water than could be harvested from the kinetic energy of the water? several square kilometers? wouldn't any old plates that big do the job of collecting the water?
xx, Aug 30 2004


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