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Rain chain hanger that attaches externally

I bet one of you clever folks can point me to an existing product
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A lot of folks replace downspouts with "rain chains" which may literally be chains or a series of metal cups, One common rationales is that an open form is easier to keep clean than a solid downspout.

Yet every rain chain setup I've ever seen hangs the chain from a hook or wire arrangement that goes THROUGH the hole in the gutter where the downspout would otherwise be connected. That bit of wire presents only a small, partial obstruction to the opening, but still causes it to get more easily clogged with leaves and other debris.

I already fixed this on my own house. Took a large hose clamp and attached a couple of wires to it. Wrapped the clamp around the tube the downspout had previously been connected to, and the rain chain to the wires several inches below that opening. Stuff still accumulates but I can jiggle the rain chain from the ground to shake stuff loose rather than climbing a ladder to get ABOVE the gutter. So in that sense this is a fully baked solution - but as near as I can tell, not a commercially available, WKTE one.

Pictures available if I haven't done well enough with my description.

a1, Feb 13 2023

Basic rain chain info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rain_chain
[a1, Feb 13 2023]

Something like this usually hangs in the gutter itself https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002JLCSTY
[a1, Feb 13 2023]

Picture of what I had in mind. https://www.instagr...?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y
Ad image on left for downspout rain chain attachment. On right, an alternative that doesn't obstruct the opening. [a1, Feb 16 2023]


       //Took a large hose clamp and attached a couple of wires to it//   

       Picture please
Voice, Feb 13 2023

       Weather has been crap here past few days and I haven't felt like standing outside to get a photo of it. But I edited someone else's advertising photo to show what I had in mind (link)
a1, Feb 16 2023


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