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Roof Rooms

Modular adjustable frames fit on the roof.
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This is an idea for a fully adjustable and well designed set of modular aluminum framing structures. The structures could be assembled to add rooms on the roofs of most types of suburban homes. The frames would be free standing and mobile. They would be tethered to mounting brackets installed on the roof.

This would allow for a cheap alternative to adding additional permanent rooms. Also, second or third stories on a house generally make the house more attractive. Gives it that ol' vertical scale.

Included in this type of product would be different types of ladders to get up to the room. These ladders will range in design and may include slippery slides and elevator ladders.

daseva, Jul 24 2006

Inhabitat http://www.inhabitat.com
If you enjoyed this idea, why not check out this blog... one of my favourites. Often features prefab and modular housing stuff [moomintroll, Jul 24 2006]


       What if you have a sloping roof? Am I missing something here?
wagster, Jul 24 2006

       (sighs) And here I thought someone finally invented the attic.
theircompetitor, Jul 24 2006

       We already have a problem with roofs blowing off in the States - now we're adding granny to the airborne mix?
DrCurry, Jul 24 2006

       [BrauBeaton], this avoids having to clutter your yard with sheds and such.   

       [wagster], the adjustable nature of the frames allows them to be leveled on top of the slope. This is the main point of the adjustability.   

       This idea isn't very novel, admittedly, but may have it's unique advantages in home improvement.
daseva, Jul 24 2006

       //This idea isn't very novel, admittedly// Quite. Sorry, [GumBob], but this all seems deeply familiar.
moomintroll, Jul 24 2006

       If this is not halfbaked I don't know what is. I am installing a stack of 8 today. {Gummy], I will rent the top one to you cheap!
bungston, Jul 24 2006

       You guys make me laugh so hard- these are some of the funniest annos so I'm giving GumBob a bun to put into the roof room.
xandram, Jul 24 2006


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