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Rain gauge alarm clock

An alarm clock that doesn't go off if it's raining.
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If the weather is nice at weekends I need to get up early to do stuff, i.e. gardening, outside jobs on the house. But if it's raining I can't do any of that and I might as well have a good long sleep.

So, have an alarm clock that is linked by a low power radio link to an external rain gauge. If it's raining more than a preset amount in a preset time window, supress the alarm.

8th of 7, Jun 19 2002

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       This seems fairly clever. But then you'd miss the joy of waking up to discover it's raining and snuggling back into the blankets to extend the snooze.
beauxeault, Jun 19 2002

       Waugs: Ooops. Sorry. Fixed it.
8th of 7, Jun 19 2002

       Brilliant! I could use it during the week to decide if I should get up and run or sleep in...
scooter64, Jun 19 2002

       //external rain gauge// I just visualise an imitation hand stuck out of the window - palm upwards.
po, Jun 19 2002

       Not to be recommended for umbrella venders.
FarmerJohn, Jun 19 2002

       Go live in England (or Seattle) and just turn your alarm clock off.
DrCurry, Jun 19 2002

       Hey! It's not raining here today. Oh, hang on...
angel, Jun 20 2002

       :clap: :clap:
reensure, Jun 20 2002


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