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Temp Warning Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock to wake you at certain outside temperature
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People who like to run in the morning usually like to do so because the temperature is still low. I like to run when it is approximately 60F outside. I want an alarmclock that I can set the 'acceptable time frame to wake me' if the temp reaches 60F in that window, it will wake me. If it does not, it will wake me at the end time (which would be the latest I should get up and still run). This would allow me to get as much sleep as possible, and still allow for a run. I would not want to be alerted if it reach 60F at any other time... only if it was between the times I state (like between 6am and 9am). Yes, this device would require a wire to go out the window to be able to tell the outside temp. It should also: * be an atomic clock so I don't have to reset the time * have a battery backup so that I don't lose my setting when the power goes out * allow me to set the alarm window for all 7 days of the week separately so that I can make it conform to my schedule without trying to remember to change it each day * be able to choose which hours it makes the numbers dimmer for when you are sleeping * allow for choosing which color you want the digits * have the numbers glow and the background be black, not the other way around
ismirth, Apr 30 2008

Rain detector alarm clock Rain_20gauge_20alarm_20clock
Could be combined with this idea .... [8th of 7, Apr 30 2008]


       [Sets clock to 70F and sleeps through winter.]
DrCurry, Apr 30 2008

       //be able to choose which hours it makes the numbers dimmer for when you are sleeping// - some existing clocks use a light sensor to dim the display automatically.
//have the numbers glow and the background be black// - you mean you've never seen a clock like this?
Also, for those of us in colder places, it could wake you up earlier if it has frozen outside, to give you much needed time to defrost your car (if required, that is).
[DrCurry] - nice one!
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 30 2008

       retitle: hybernation clock
Voice, May 01 2008


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