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Random Foreign Policy

Strike fear into the hearts of diplomats!
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What is the scaryest thing in the world? Well, it's a tough question, but I'd vote for uncertainty. To keep your enemies in check why not try a random foreign policy?

The set up is simple. Make a list of "bad things" other countries might do to you. include everything, ranging from snubbing you at a dinner party to bombing your tiny nation. Make a list of "good things" too: like lifting embargos and giving you statues and such.

Now make two more lists: these are the "bad things" and "good things" you might do in retribution. Again the range is large: snubbing, bombing, tariffs ... it's all the same to you.

When a bad thing happens you do a random bad thing in return, when a good thing happens same deal.

No one will want to do bad things to you because you're utterly un predictable! Place a tariff on your Kumquats? I don't think so! You might bomb them-- or maybe you'll just insult them by slapping them with your diplomatic glove the next time you see them... there is no way to tell. Soon you will rule the world.

I call this philosophy: randompolatik

futurebird, Jul 17 2001

(?) Richard Nixon: Foreign Policy http://www.pbs.org/.../nixon/nixonfp.html
Mentions the "Madman" policy at the end. [Uncle Nutsy, Jul 17 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Who invented the "madman" policy? http://hnn.us/articles/17183.html
[mouseposture, Feb 27 2010]


I like it. If you get a dirty fork at an Embassy reception, nuke their oil refinery.
angel, Jul 17 2001

       Massacre 3,000 people and you get to host the Olympic Games.
angel, Jul 18 2001

       I thought the unpredictability (as enforced by changing legistlature every two years) was what the U.S.S.R. feared most about U.S. policy.
beauxeault, Jul 18 2001

       [angel] Perhaps I should clairfy: bad actions ==> bad things happen to you good actions ==> good things happen to you.
futurebird, Jul 18 2001

       In other words, only the degree of the response is random, not the nature of it.
PotatoStew, Jul 18 2001

       put one or 2 of the good ones on the bad list and vice versa... that way everyone will do everything they can to stay away from you... then you can abolish diplomats all together...
RobertKidney, Jul 18 2001

       Henry Kissinger posited the "madman" approach to international politics, in which a country acts in as insane a manner as possible, in hopes of convincing other nations to give it a great deal of latitude. Richard Nixon considered it a valid tactic under some circumstances (see link), so this idea is somewhat baked.
Uncle Nutsy, Jul 19 2001

       Isn't this what North Korea uses?
senatorjam, Feb 27 2010

       //what North Korea uses// Nah, there's a difference between brinksmanship and the "madman" approach, although they're obviously related. The former is one of many strategies designed to manipulate your opponent's model of your own thought processes; the latter's desinged to prevent him even forming one. Whether Kissinger originated the "madman" idea is disputed (link).   

       (But [senatorjam] if your point was "No, you will *not* soon rule the world," then I agree with you.)
mouseposture, Feb 27 2010

       This only works if the scale of your response is commensurate with any likely threats. I very much doubt that, Andorra say, would be much interested in competing with the USA in a game of 'Foreign Policy Random Response'.
DrBob, Mar 01 2010

       <publicly insults hitlers mother in response to intellegence that he is planning on invading poland>   

       Foriegn Policy Random Response, Random Response? [+]   

       [edit] RFP Roullette?
xxobot, Mar 01 2010


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