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Random support scolarship

Government uses lotto machines and money to pick Citizens at random, to get extra support.
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We all bow to randomness as to where and whom we are are born to, so how about government money given randomly, to a chosen citizen. We don't know whom will effect society the most so why not try a scatter gun the attempt.

Each individual chosen gets a access to more money *and a team which ultimately supplies skilled help, better diet, access to housing. These are all the needs that if lacking would block societal advancement and therefore a better society through the person's down flow effects. The life choices are still freely up to the individual.

Of course, if wealthy enough this can be returned to be chosen again. And due to the human normal distribution, abuse will be a slight probability but if lotto win limits are set, the excess could fund this endeavor and negate losses.

Good news, *you're one in a 300,000. a government kid.

wjt, Jun 21 2020

Random systems are harder to game. Baby_20citizen_20investment
Societal Investment is always multifaceted. [wjt, Jun 21 2020]


       More randomness does not reduce randomness, the wealthy are not much more likely to refuse the support, and fatherlessness is a way, way bigger problem than lack of money.
Voice, Jun 21 2020

       How is this better than distributing the money equally between all citizens?
pocmloc, Jun 21 2020

       Quite a few years ago it was reported that random number generation in Windows wasn't actually random. I've always wondered if quite a few smaller lotteries around the world hadn't been using numbers generated nonrandomly.
4and20, Jun 21 2020

       //fatherlessness is a way, way bigger problem//   

       There is a knock at the door. It is a homeless single man carrying an embossed card.   

       "Congratulations! ..."
pertinax, Jun 21 2020

       //How is this better than distributing the money// A bit of targeted focus rather than a blind sweep.   

       Having the right payed people around a person can help them deal with , see other views on situations. This is random chance of a slight advantage and more than just chucking money at people.   

       Hopefully the psychology of citizens change. We are all different. Some have advantages, some don't and we all need different things. Trying to make everyone even seems to make everyone cry foul when some have some advantages. But then again, some are truly over advantaged.
wjt, Jun 21 2020

       So, all the downsides of hoping to win the lottery, with none of the benefits except for the lucky ticket-holder.
RayfordSteele, Jun 23 2020

       ^No. Lottery as usual but top prize capped. The excess above is used for this random life scolarship.
wjt, Jun 24 2020


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