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Sympathy Scholarship

For when they just didn't try hard enough...
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For parents or grandparents of a student who has not received a scholarship, the Sympathy Scholarship Corporation is only a phone call away.

The concept is simple: for the amount of the scholarship (plus a processing and presentation fee), the company will fabricate a scholarship certificate and present it to the student.

Sure it would be easy to find out that it was fake, but it would cheer them up and encourage them to continue with their studies.

rgovostes, Jun 14 2004


       Heh, no, but I recently attended an event at which a few scholarships were presented. I thought it would be a (kind of) nice gesture, but apparently others do not.
rgovostes, Jun 14 2004

       Scholarships for those who cry hard enough?
david_scothern, Jun 14 2004


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