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A camera that takes random pictures
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This Camera is like many other Digital cameras but it has an interesting new feature. When set to Randomera mode the camera will take shots randomly in time. It would also be possible to vary other parameters as well and each would be individually configurable. This would be particularly interesting in an enviroment that changes regularly. User can then browse the shots and select those that are interesting or fun. You never know what the next shot might hold.
jhomrighaus, May 12 2006

World's Most Wanted Flash Moment World_27s_20Most_20...ed_20Flash_20Moment
[theircompetitor, May 12 2006]


       The random content part would be similar to those automatic cameras used to capture wildlife and the like, or a webcam, going off every fifteen minutes or so. And that could be intriguing. Or very, very boring.   

       But I fail to see the attraction of the random settings - digital cameras have a much smaller dynamic range than film cameras and most of your pictures will be unusable.
DrCurry, May 12 2006

       perhaps a selectable set of options as far as what things the camera will do, that way you can customize it to each situation.
jhomrighaus, May 12 2006

       in time - yes! +1
po, May 12 2006

       edited to remove settings randomization
jhomrighaus, May 12 2006

       oh look! another picture from the future! [+]
methinksnot, May 12 2006

       I believe that the future of such technology lies in shoulder-mounted or in glasses-frame technology.
normzone, May 13 2006


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