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Shoot the shit out of that endangered species

Its very rare you get to shoot animals on the brink of extinction – now you can!
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It's a rifle, only with no bullets. It's actually just a barrel of lenses, with the trigger activating a shutter.

Go hunting without killing anything. Using laser distance- measuring technology, the computer housed in the camera's butt can estimate whether your shot (if it were a real weapon) would have struck the Marabou Stork, or whatever you're after.

Film is wound on by cocking the camera. Spent casings may or may not pop out with each wind.

Not to be used for taking pictures of your petrified friends. Indeed, these are hired out by hunting lodges and are strictly unavailable to the wider public.

theleopard, Jun 07 2013

KGB Fotosnaiper http://cameras.alfredklomp.com/fs12/
Check out one of these bad-boys [zen_tom, Jun 07 2013]

Dino Roast Dinoroast
[theircompetitor, Jun 07 2013]


       Hunting a Marabou Stock would be a nightmare.
calum, Jun 07 2013

       [+] camera guns are well baked, but I like the idea of cocking the film advance.
FlyingToaster, Jun 07 2013

       If you're the kind of epic d-bag who wants to shoot endangered species, you probably won't be satisfied with taking a picture.
DIYMatt, Jun 07 2013

       This is obviously not a product marketed towards meat hunters.
Alterother, Jun 07 2013

       //wider public// hey, you discriminating against us high- momentum folks?
lurch, Jun 07 2013

       //Film// Whatnow?
ytk, Jun 07 2013


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