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Do you like the word or not?
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In the same vein as "Hot Or Not", this site would rank random words on their popularity.

I imagine "sex" would probably be #1, while hyperanalyticaloverconcanativealluvialthetical might be farther down the list.

As a variation, you could also set it to rank the words on what types of people like what kind of words.

Also, you could rank words based on whether they're "Good" (IE: Love, Kiss, Enjoy etc...) or "Bad" (IE: Hate, Gun, Kill etc...)

I'm sure there are even more variations...

gb2000, Jun 03 2002

amihotornot breeder http://www.halfbake...ihotornot_20breeder
Similar idea for pictures instead of words. [phoenix, Jun 03 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

What's better? http://www.whatsbetter.com/
Bakes this idea. A nod to [waugsqueke] for the link. [phoenix, Jun 03 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Am I Am I .. or Not or Not? http://www.halfbake...20Not_20or_20Not_3f
The Meta "Am I _ or Not?" idea. [phoenix, Jun 03 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Baked and HalfBaked. I'll post links if I can turn them up.
phoenix, Jun 03 2002

       OK, I think you folks miss the point here.   

       I'm not talking about things or people. I'm talking about actual WORDS. No pictures, just WORDS - and SINGLE words at that.
gb2000, Jun 03 2002

       The 'What's Better' includes words in it's evaluation. It's not exclusively words and if you want to hold on to that distinction, please do.
phoenix, Jun 03 2002

       we all like words on this site, but I have to ask you, why this idea! because our ranking is a personal thing. my favourite word is juxtaposition - is there anybody else that shares my preference, I doubt it.
po, Jun 03 2002

       [po] That's Baked (link)   

       AGH! Somebody stop me!
phoenix, Jun 03 2002

       knees him affectionately in the groin.
po, Jun 03 2002

       its for your own good bliss - believe me - I am a doctor, (f.o.j.)
po, Jun 03 2002

       [blissmiss] links are good.
bristolz, Jun 03 2002

       not as good as bris. TTFN. have fun! missing you already........
po, Jun 03 2002


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