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RayfordSteele Jr.

Grind formula and pour water into him...
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Anthony James made his first appearance Saturday evening. 0.198 slugs and 2.70869*10^-4 nautical miles long. He could jumprope with his cord; it was long enough.

He's been watching over the NICU unit with wires and an IV like a little Borg baby until he's able to keep his blood sugar up with regular feedings. Should be leaving there today.


RayfordSteele, Jun 04 2012


calum, Jun 04 2012

nineteenthly, Jun 04 2012

       Yipee. A new halfbaker has arrived. Blessings to you and mom.
blissmiss, Jun 04 2012

       Don't delete him.... far too soon.
xenzag, Jun 04 2012

       Congrats! We'll celebrate your joyous occasion in our traditional manner: singing Irish ballads and shooting guns from the back porch.
Alterother, Jun 04 2012

       well done!
po, Jun 04 2012

       //Borg baby// Hah - now look what you've done! Lil' Tony is going to be screaming "gimme back my wires & sensors & beepy things & technococcoon!" before you even get him out the door.
Best of sleep to the three of you in the months ahead.
lurch, Jun 04 2012

       //2.70869*10^-4 nautical miles long// That would give him an area of around 5 picoWales - congratulations!
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 04 2012

       : ] Bless.   

       No bun-in-the-oven jokes? [+] anyway.
AusCan531, Jun 05 2012

       Eeew! A baby! Quick, squish it!
DrBob, Jun 05 2012

       <DrBob>"Awright, who ordered the baby!"</DB>
UnaBubba, Jun 05 2012

       (applause) Let's have a halfbaked Jubilee!!! Hugs to all!! xxox
xandram, Jun 05 2012

       congrats, Ray!
theircompetitor, Jun 05 2012

pertinax, Jun 05 2012

acurafan07, Jun 05 2012

       Great news!
Fishrat, Jun 05 2012

       Good memory, UB.
DrBob, Jun 06 2012

       One of the best reactions I've seen from someone holding a baby.
UnaBubba, Jun 06 2012


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