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Read-a-loud Movie Trailers

Words appear on screen and viewers read-a-loud
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The words for the voice over would appear on the screen, just like karaoke, and viewers would be encouraged to read-a-loud. The phrases used in movie trailers are pretty cliched and predictable so tripping up over words would be a non event.

"He was a man...with a secret.""He's a one-man killing machine." "He's a one-man army." "He's your worst nightmare." "...until now."

At the end of the read-a-loud trailers a notice will appear telling patrons that the movie is about to start and to be considerate of other patrons by not talking through the movie. Those that continue to read-a-loud to the movie intro will be quickly shuffled away by men in dark suits never to be seen again. Those patrons that have their cell phone go off during the movie will suffer the same fate.

Fink, Jul 20 2002


       In a world, where movies are a principle kind of entertainment, one man stands alone as the enforcer of film greatness: The Creepy Announcer Guy.   

       How about a woman, for once? There is something very ranty about this idea.
polartomato, Jul 20 2002

       Sorry but this would make me want to hurt people. Fishbone ( a little harsh perhaps, but I do *not* go to the cinema/theatre etc to hear other human beings chattering away, even if it is part of it) partly the reason I could never go along to the Sing-a-long-a-sound of music *shiver*.
The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 21 2002

       Drats! you foiled my plan [polartomato]... I am in fact a disgruntled voice actor who is trying to take vengence on the movie industry.<rants> Down with Don LaFontaine!!!</rant>
Fink, Jul 21 2002

       Pah, you naysayers. I like this idea. Trailers are a waste of time anyway, and it's hard to imagine that this idea would make them any sillier than Mr Deep Voice. Although it's pretty traditional to talk through trailers anyhow "That looks good" "I want to go see that" "Mmm Adam Sandler - the marque of high quality entertainment" etc.
pottedstu, Jul 22 2002

       Interesting you mention Mr. Sandler. Generally I run screaming from his films ("Adam Sandler IS... [insert movie title here]"), but last night I caught the trailer for "Punch Drunk Love", and being a PT Anderson fan, I may have to rethink my position on this one. But just this one.   

       I prefer trailers with NO voice-over. They do exist, and are generally much better at getting the point across. So I can'na vote for this.
waugsqueke, Jul 22 2002

       Usually the trailers with no voice over are for films that can't be summarized in usual trailer terms. Perhaps this could be used as a guide for Hollywood's output, it might make people pay more attention than the usual score reviews that seem to be dished out almost arbitrarily: "Five Stars" (Time Out), "9/10" (The List ) "Plot can't be shoe-horned into standard trailer" (American Film Trailer Association)

Competition: Try to script the 30 second voice over for Brazil, Delicatessen or Pi.
namaste, Jul 22 2002


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