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Ratings Blinders

Places the burden of censorship on the viewer
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I recently learned that all of the light cues in a multiplex (dim Lights, lights out, lights up) are encoded on the film itself and read by the lighting system. You could take this idea one step further, and put meta tags on a film. a reader would translate them, and send a signal to special glasses/earphones to shield the user from that which he does not want to see.

For example: an arachnophobe, a prude, and a movie critic sit down with ratings blinders to watch Martin Lawrence vs. The Spiders from Mars. Spider tags alert the ratings blinder to darken the arachnophobe's glasses whenever the Spiders appear, Language tags silence the prude's headphones whenever Martin Lawrence speaks, and Bad Movie tags shut the movie critic out completely, letting him catch up on his sleep.

dbsousa, Jan 14 2003


       but it might be a cute little spider, bliss. doing a little merry jig and singing a pretty ditty in neat little red shiny shoes.
po, Jan 14 2003

       Peril sensitive sunglasses?
Loris, Oct 17 2008

       I do quite like the idea of film-embedded content-tags that can be used to control various run-time things - it might also be fun to watch a film in terms of just its content tags - but why limit usage to causing blindness? - using the same system, you could have real smellovision, feelies, atmospherics (smoke/mist, or cold chills going through at creepy scenes etc) or raise the temperature while the hero trudges through the desert - all would boost the immersive quality of the film.
zen_tom, Oct 17 2008


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