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Real Estate LEGO Bricks

High compressive strenght Lego bricks for ad-hoc spaces without mortar.
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LEGO principles could be used for real houses, with macroscopic bricks. These universal bricks would be made from materials with compressive strength suitable for building skyscrapers, yet would sell in supermarkets for small price. Now, anyone could start building skyscrapers on their piece of land, starting as small as a few bricks at a time. For making the building activities more fun, the bricks would strengthen the attachment to each other with principle of magnetic locking. People could use them to build not just living apartments, but mystery mazes of all kinds. You need a house to play real life 3D maze with friends? No problem, buy bricks and build one in your pleasure time. The bricks would come in various colors and shapes.
Inyuki, May 05 2016

Lego House Lego_20House
A bit different approach. [Inyuki, May 05 2016]

Linked by [dlapham] http://inhabitat.co...te-your-own-castle/
Requires mortar. I wonder what's the compressive strength. [Inyuki, May 05 2016]


       I'm just now thinking about all the incredibly unstable structures I've seen kids build with LEGOs. Can you make these bricks smart so every time you add a brick the structure is analysed and you get a warning is you don't have the necessary safety factor to deal with expected wind ans seismic loads?
scad mientist, May 05 2016

       // Can you make these bricks smart so .. you get a warning is you don't have the necessary safety factor to deal with expected wind ans seismic loads?   

       Very very wise suggestion. With IoT technologies and the among of space in bricks, this could be possible. Each brick would then have to have an IPv6 address, sharing the MAC address and the surfaces that were bonded together, as well as the gravity vectors. If the producing structure is not within the set of safe structures, the bricks would have to indicate the danger with visuals and sound, if there is imminent danger.   

       The danger, would have to be computed based on the impulse the maximum impulse that the structure would acquire if it topples over, and the probability for it to topple over.
Inyuki, May 06 2016

       Start small with gutter linings, fencing, park benches, picnic tables, Barbecue pits, tombstone signs and grave markers.   

       Need to keep air and heat from leaking through dwelling walls.   

       Strength in title was misspelled.
popbottle, May 07 2016


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