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Biosphere bricks

Wall of life
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Mass produce biosphere glass bricks (biocuboids?) for building interesting features into airy lobbies/ the front wall of important buildings especially that house environmental groups/ garden centre owning companies

This idea hinges on the basic premise that it is possible to produce a small self-contained closed system biosphere. I know about all the well documented attempts to build a human supporting biodome, and have even watched the Pauly Shore flick 'Biodome'. That's not what I'm talking about. Im talking small scale, bottle-garden style stuff.

Zircon, Sep 17 2002

Looks like they're hiring. http://swann2.ansc....binfo.asp?jobid=647
Any Aquarist/Diver/Water Quality /Life Support Tech HalfBakers? [phoenix, Sep 17 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       // and have even watched the Pauly Shore flick 'Biodome'. That's not what I'm talking about. //   

       Damn, just imagine a building with hundreds of Pauly Shores entombed in the walls. That would be excellent.
pottedstu, Sep 17 2002

       Similar to those frosted-glass block walls that some bathrooms and doctor's offices seem to love? The ones that let in natural light?   

       The glass on the biodomes is little panes of glass stuck together, rather than blocks, per se. But this does sound like an interesting concept- now we can all have a dry igloo.
polartomato, Sep 18 2002


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