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Real Reading Glasses

Glasses that read aloud whatever text you're looking at
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A mixture of an Optical Character Recognition / Text-to-speech software (the source material is identified by eye-tracking lasers). The audio-output from the Text to speech system is sent to earphones attached to the glasses' ear-hooks.
Dub, Mar 27 2008

AT&T Text-To-Speech Demo http://www.research...ttsweb/tts/demo.php
Fun with accents. [baconbrain, Mar 27 2008]

KNFB Reader http://www.knfbread...products-mobile.php
cell phone with this feature and gps for people who are blind [JesusHChrist, Mar 28 2008]

Yay, they translate, too http://news.bbc.co....hnology/8343941.stm
[Dub, Nov 06 2009]

Mashed with FingerMouse.... http://newsoffice.m...g-device-blind-0310
[Dub, Mar 13 2015]

Dyslexia porn http://www.anonymou...he_world_of_wo.html
" I love to cook sock " [normzone, Mar 13 2015]


       its a shame that you actually have to *look* at the text i.e. you could be doing the housework or office work and yet, the glasses hold up the text and read to you rather like a radio...   

po, Mar 28 2008

       "If you can read this you're too close"   

       <On the bus, earphones fall out whilst reading Bambi Erotica,external speaker kicks in>Mrs Tibbs - "Oooh I say"
skinflaps, Mar 28 2008

       A few tweaks and this could potentially help the blind read non-Braille books. [+]
theleopard, Mar 28 2008

       + I like [po]'s and [theleopard]'s annos. Both great suggestions to a cool idea!
OK, I like [skinflaps] funny, too.
xandram, Mar 28 2008

       [po] The laser eye tracking was an afterthought, but the idea was to prevent the same text from being read-out every time it happens to be on screen / in view (e.g. "halfbakery" at the top left of all pages here) - Sure sometimes you want to check what site you're on, but it shouldn't be repeated all the time. That said. I like the specialist-radio idea - I guess we'll make the eye-tracking turn-off-and-on-able... probably by some gesture, like blinking both eyes in a certain sequence   

       [theleopard] - I was thinking of an anti-dyslexia tool, but I like.
Dub, Mar 28 2008

       // I was thinking of an anti-dyslexia tool//
What's wrong with daily sex?
coprocephalous, Mar 28 2008

       Dairy sex? Isn't that illegal?
jtp, Mar 28 2008

       <imagines blind grandfather reading a bedtime story, from a "magic book", to the astonishment of his confused grandchildren>
theleopard, Mar 28 2008

       So, not an obscure Spanish football club then?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 28 2008

       [JHC] Sound like they should be a BlueTooth device, cool!
Dub, Mar 28 2008

       [Absinthe] I didn't know Madrid was twinned Reading of all places
Dub, Mar 29 2008


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