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Four different ways of seeing things
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You may be familiar with a sunglasses-attachment to ordinary glasses; the attachment lets you flip the sunshade up when you don't need it.

I'm going to suggest a basic glasses frame, with no lenses, but with four attachment points for rotating lenses into the frame area. One attachment point would be at the top edge of the frame, just like that sunglasses thing.

The other attachment points are at the bottom, and the left and right sides. If all the lenses are rotated away from the central frame area, then you have a pair of lenses against your forehead, another pair in front of your mouth, and two more pairs alongside your head. Each pair obviously needs to be in a sort of mini-frame, to keep them together when rotated.

Perhaps your vision is good enough for some things that you don't need glasses? Then this Idea is for you! For example, if you are nearsighted, that probably means you don't need glasses to read a book. So, flip those distance-clarity lenses out of the way, and never again worry about setting your glasses down somewhere that you later have difficulty finding them, due to poor clarity of distance vision!

One of the four lens pairs should obviously be prescription sunshades. Another pair might be a magnifier --even nearsighted people sometimes wish something they are looking at was larger. And the fourth pair of lenses might actually flip down in front of the other lenses, allowing a gap that can permit limited telescopic vision, much like opera glasses.

Vernon, Nov 05 2012

The traditional method http://3.bp.blogspo.../braneProfessor.jpg
[spidermother, Nov 05 2012]


       Believe it or not I have a novelty pair of these Vernon. Eight lenses but no prescription.   

       One pair of lenses should be entirely opaque
hippo, Nov 05 2012


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