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Pupil Glasses

Eyelid clip on glasses not much larger than a fully dilated pupil.
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These small eyeglasses clip onto either the top or bottom eyelid, and hold a small lense infront of the pupil with a fine metal arm. They have to be adjusted in place manually, until some mechanism that allows them to follow the pupil with eyeball motion is invented. Until then they can be used for looking straight ahead, and various lenses allow for different qualities of vision.
rcarty, Nov 16 2013

Hide_20Behind_20Your_20Tiny_20Hands thought you might like - slightly different purpose, but still vision reducing on demand [xenzag, Nov 17 2013]


       So, the hassle of a contact lens with the clunkiness of glasses?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 16 2013

       Better than a fine metal arm, have a swarm of different lenses fly around via tiny quad-copter rigs, powered by induction from lens-less eyeglass frames, tracking eye movement and lens shape, constantly swapping lenses – sort of a chunky utility fog confined to your eye sockets. Several could line up further out, providing on-demand bright-light tele- or micro-scopes.
CraigD, Nov 16 2013

       That's really an idea.
rcarty, Nov 16 2013

       What's the difference between these and contact lenses?
pocmloc, Nov 16 2013

       These will never make it to market and contact lenses are a billion dollar industry.
rcarty, Nov 16 2013

       Whats the difference between these and monocles?   

       I wonder if you can still get real monocles.   

       ++chunky utility fog
bungston, Nov 17 2013

       Yes, search on ebay for "monocle", both antiques, and new prescription monocles, are surprisingly cheap.
pocmloc, Nov 17 2013

       Every time you blink, you would smack yourself in the face with the lens.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 17 2013

       Interesting. And evertime you smack yourself in the face with the lens you would blink. This would send the wearer into a sort of eye fluttering paralysis.
rcarty, Nov 17 2013


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