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Real Surfable Waves

How about using dynamite in small lakes?
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I have daydreamed about making waves using dynamite in small lakes. Seems like it would work, doesn't it?

Another daydream idea was winching a big object through the water (again in a small lake) back and forth towards each shore. Seems like that would work too... but would likely take so much energy and such heavy duty engineering that it would be way to expensive.

I thought of a system where water is pumped into big recycled silo tubes with home made pumps powered by V8 chevy engines, and then released all at once through preformed channels. Seems like it could work.

Enough people make their own little lakes. You could do it pretty cheeply if you have a source for water and a friend with excavating equipment. I heard that there are inexpensive ways to treat the bottom so that its water tight. You could sculpt it just right.

What about dropping or rolling huge things in at one end of a small custom shaped lake? Like a big gas storage tank pumped full of water, which after dropping would then be pumped out so it could float back up, be locked back in place and pumped full again. Or maybe keep the sucker full of water and just winch it back up a big ramp for every wave. These things could work! Ever see footage of the waves calving ice bergs make?

This is what happens when you drive long disances looking for waves and don't get any. When the surf is good these ideas seem silly.

Home made wave pools for the people! I have a dream...

bigdooky, Jul 09 2004


       how 'bout not. unless you enjoy completely decimating the ecology, 'cause even things that aren't killed will be scared away after a while.
schematics, Jul 09 2004

       actually, I don't mind the winching bit. i'm going to neutral.
schematics, Jul 09 2004

       (lol) It does sound funny in that light. OK then, do it in a tank/lake made for the purpose, then there is no ecology to decimate. Well.... I guess the sound might scare the crap out of everything within some radius. The water would have to dampen it to some extent though, and sound barrier walls could be put up. Perhaps some university might take up this potentialy valuable oceanographic research.
bigdooky, Jul 09 2004


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